Desna, originally from Texas came to New York in pursuit of music. Along the way Of all the breakthrough artists appearing in New York’s music scene today, Desna is making leaps and bounds. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Desna grew up with heavy electronic musical influences during her early years. From hearing breakbeat remixes on the radio in the 90’s to being a child singer, releasing on Columbia Records. Desna’s thirst to dig for music was insatiable. Often the designated music finder amongst her friends, she had a keen sense of sound and the knack for picking up quality white label tracks.

During her college years, Desna was fully enveloped in the rave party scene. Magnetized by the music, her attention slowly turned from the dancefloor to the DJ booth. She soon purchased her first pair of turntables, and began to dabble in the art of music making. Eventually, Desna realized she had to completely immerse herself into this lifestyle and moved to London.

While in London, she became a regular attendee at the famed venue Fabric. This venue ignited a fire in Desna, and her passion for music began to burn even deeper. Towards the end of 2009, what seemed like a casual trip to New York turned out to be a momentous occasion. She met a love interest (who would later become her wife) and soon enough, Desna packed her bags again and moved to New York in pursuit of love and music.

Like many artists in the infancy stage, Desna had a realm of other duties outside of making music. She was juggling a career on Wall Street and still chasing her dream of making music. 

She soon began picking up local gigs, while polishing her production skills. During this time, Desna began to peel New York apart, layer by fascinating layer. She was captivated by the vast spectrum of scenes in the nightlife; but what enchanted her most was the underground. Though infinitely different than the sunny skies she was accustomed to, Desna felt synchronicity with the subversive culture that lingered below the surface. It was there in those spaces, with that music, that she felt most at home.